Equipping the church and community to wrap around foster families

Be Involved

The mission of Foster Florida is to empower families on the front lines of foster care by mobilizing and equipping their communities to support them.

By enabling people to serve using their God-given gifts, we can recruit and retain quality foster homes, ultimately growing more connected communities filled with stronger families.

Be the Village

You have the opportunity to impact the lives of front line foster families. Whether it’s providing diapers to a newborn baby, food for a hungry child, prayer during spiritual warfare, or providing childcare for court days. Your impact provides healing in a world of brokenness.

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

-Mother Teresa

Be Involved

How to be involved

  • Be a Foodie

    Be a Foodie

    These people are always hungry. But seriously, they are. Feeding tons of kids or just a new one you’re trying to get to know is stressful. Would you make a meal today for a foster family? Or buy a Publix gift card? Or even call and have pizza delivered from far away?

  • Be a Praying Person

    Be a Praying Person

    Spiritual warfare is real. Our families are fighting it and they need you to stand in the gap. Connect with a foster family as their Praying Person weekly or join us on Thursdays at Patticakes on the Plaza for prayer and fellowship on court days.

  • Be a Financial Supporter

    Be a Financial Supporter

    Cribs, carseats, radon mitigations, clothes, gas, groceries, childcare, highchairs, diapers, wipes, get the idea. Taking care of humans is hard and it's expensive. Can you contribute financially or through purchasing supplies?

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  • Be a Kid Wrangler

    Be a Kid Wrangler

    Front line families are in constant need of great childcare. Whether it is for a court date, meeting, visitation, or just mental health, somebody needs to be wrangled.

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Our Story

What started at a table on Orphan Sunday, grew into a dream we never realized was possible. With God’s hand guiding, we knew we wanted to recreate the same organic community of support that we were blessed with. We’ve watched need after need be met by others stepping up to provide with their God-given gifts and we believe the best is yet to come.

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Pray. Participate. Provide

When help and hope combine, lives are changed.