The Matchmaking Program - Foster Florida The Matchmaking Program - Foster Florida

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Complete the form below and you’ll automatically be directed to submit information for a background check.  ALL Foster Florida volunteers are REQUIRED to have passed this background check, which is provided by a third party service.  Results normally come back in less than 48 hours.

Once your background check clears and your information is added to our database, our Matchmaker will begin searching for your match!  You’ll hear from her via email within 2 weeks.

Thank you for stepping into the gap for the vulnerable!


VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT: I commit to maintaining the privacy of the children and Frontliner(s) I am serving. This can include but is not limited to asking permission to take or post pictures of a minor on social media, sharing names or other identifiable information about a child in care, discussing reasons for removal or a child’s case plan. You will be asked to complete a background check on the next page. After it clears you can be matched and begin serving. We require that, if at any point during service, your situation changes and you are charged with or convicted of a crime (other than traffic violations) you report them to us as it may affect your ability to serve. I accept this. We reserve the right to change/remove matches at any time at the Frontliner’s request. It is imperative that our foster parents feel comfortable with the people serving them. If a Frontliner reaches out to request a change to a match, we honor it. We encourage our Villagers to begin building a relationship with their Frontliner(s) right away so trust can be built. I accept and recognize that I should reach out to my Frontliner(s) within 48 hours of being matched and that Foster Florida may at any point remove a match.

LIABILITY WAIVER: I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, agents, successors, assigns, and my minor children and any minor children in my custody (collectively “Releasors”), forever waive, release, discharge, and hold Foster Florida, Inc. (“Foster Florida”), including its agents, directors, representatives, employees, successors, and assigns, harmless of and from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, injuries, and losses and causes of action of every nature and kind whatsoever, both at law and in equity, arising out of or in any way related to Releasors’: (i) Receipt of meals, food products, clothing, furniture, babysitting or daycare services and other consumer goods or services of any nature or kind from Foster Florida or from any person(s) or entity(s) acting on behalf of Foster Florida, and (ii) Provision of meals, food products, clothing, furniture, babysitting or daycare services and other consumer goods or services of any nature or kind on behalf of Foster Florida to any person(s) or entity(s).

PRIVACY POLICY: The Short Version – We only collect information you choose to give us, and we process it with your consent, or on another legal basis; we only require the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with us; we don’t sell it to third parties; and we only use it as this Privacy Policy describes. You can find the full version at