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You made it through the questionnaire!

The Director of Outreach will review your answers and application and reach out to schedule a phone interview.

Following the phone interview she may ask you to complete a personality profile.  If you’d like to get a jump on that you can find the test here.

The profile should take you less than 12 minutes to complete, but (like the questionnaire) if you’re unable to complete it now you will receive a link for it in your confirmation email.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you complete the profile, the website will email you your results and we REQUEST that you forward them on to for review.

If you haven’t guessed from the multi-step application process, we take adding new Chapters and Advocates very seriously.  For us, the process includes approval from the Director of Outreach, the Leadership Team and our full Board of Trustees.  We also make all these decisions a matter of prayer.

Even ideal applicants may be rejected (temporarily) if we do not have the time or resources to dedicate to properly supporting an additional Chapter.

If you have any questions, Lacy Basford, our Director of Outreach will be happy to answer them during your phone interview!