The Rapid Response Team - Foster Florida The Rapid Response Team - Foster Florida

Want to serve the vulnerable? Unable to commit to a match? You’ve come to the right place!

Join our  Rapid Response Team!

Rapid Responders meet the needs of frontline families across the state in a variety of ways.

Are you able to…

  • Make a meal
  • Mow a lawn
  • Haul furniture
  • Watch a child
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Use your handyman skills

…or more, but are just NOT able to commit to a 6 month match at this time?


Your service is still significant!  Join the team and tell us a little about how you’re able to help.

Intern with Foster FloridaOnce you’ve submitted the form below you’ll be directed to fill out a background check.  Once we receive your application and cleared background report you’ll be on our email notification list!  That means when a Frontliner reaches out with a need, we’ll email to let you know so you can step in where possible.

There are two additional ways you can meet needs and bless lives…

  1. Follow Foster Florida on Facebook!  We often share needs that can be met by the Village at large on our main Facebook page.  You can find it here.  Make sure to like and follow us so you don’t miss a chance to serve!
  2. If you live near one of our chapters join their Village Group on Facebook!  Local Chapter Advocates share needs in the group and Frontliners can reach out themselves and ask for help.  Find the groups here!


Fill out the form completely, then submit the REQUIRED background check on the next page. You CANNOT serve without the background check.
  • Check all that apply.
  • Use this space to share further details if you selected 'other' above or simply want us to know more about how you'd like to be involved!
  • Please select when you are generally available below. Select all that apply. We try to take this into consideration as we reach out for help.
  • It takes a village and we are so thankful to have you! Keep going! Submit and you'll be taken to next step to fill out the required information for our background check.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.